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Old 24-11-13, 04:52 AM
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Recommend me a USB wireless adapter for under £55

I've recently switched to Fibre and wanted to upgrade my USB adapter along with it. I've been searching for days on what the best USB adapter is but I'm still very confused. My router is a floor below me and with my current USB adapter, I only get 30mbps down and 10 up (the speeds I should be getting are more than double that) so I need an adapter with good range. I don't want a powerline adapter so I'd appreciate it if you didn't suggest one. I'll be shopping at Ebuyer.co.uk or Amazon and my budget it £50 though I can go higher if the performance increase is worth it.

Thanks guys.

EDIT: I'm looking at this one. what do you guys think?

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Old 30-12-13, 03:19 AM
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Are you sure that Wi-Fi is the bottleneck? How strong is the signal?

You can always get 802.11n USB adapter, which supports 300 Mbit/s, for much less than £50, but you must be sure that your Wi-Fi router supports "n" standard. Otherwise you must also get "n" standard router. I personally would always choose cable connection, or homeplugs.
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Old 30-12-13, 09:15 AM
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Yeah, the wireless speeds are theorethical maximums and you generally don't get even close if there is anything between you.

As insomnarium pointed out you need a newer standard router, n or even ac. Both require support from the dongle as well.
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