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Old 29-06-06, 10:46 AM
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This is great haha!

I've been reading one of the forums I post on and one of the guys on there went to do some work in a college. This really made me laugh cos it's so true haha!!


I had the misfortune of doing some work in a sixth form college today. In particular, I had to work in the Viusal Arts department (that seems to be pictures and pottery ash trays to you and me).

It seemed 'open classroom' with kids (probably 17-19 year olds) walking in out doing bits of work, wearing the most ridiculous clothes I've ever seen and generally trying to act like they were 40.

Some of them were talking in a weird 'student' accent, trying to sound posh and hide their NE accents but only managing to sound like Chris Waddle (I include the girls in that).

There was different background music on in every classroom, sorry "studio" and some of them just looked like hippy communes or tramp camps.

When I was in one studio, there was a girl about 18 who was sititng at a PC doing some artwork but she was crying. Feeling a bit awkward that I was happily pottering along with my work, I thought I should ask if everything was OK. Her reply in between the sniffles was she "sooooo loves Tracy Chapman". Eh? WTF??

I realised that Tracey Chapman and Fast Car was playing in background so I bit my lip and went back to work!

What is it with some students? Is there an unwritten law that when you go to sixth form and beyond these days you have to be some angst ridden geek? Are they an antidote to chavs or something who leave school at the same time and go to prison?

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Old 29-06-06, 11:08 AM
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i agree with that post. I went to sixth form and then a college and i have to admit they couldnt have been more different. 6th form was full of the geekiest people you could ever meet (of course i wasnt one of them lol) and then when i went to college i was in a world of suprise. It was imazine that in that sumemr between school and college people decide if there going to be chavs, grungers, goths, the geeks, rude boys, or just regular people like me. lol. No offence to anyone
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Old 29-06-06, 11:18 AM
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i think i decided to be a regular person emma
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Old 29-06-06, 11:35 AM
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My college was mostly full of normal people apart from a few chavs and a few shunned grungers
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Old 29-06-06, 01:58 PM
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We have our fair share of nearly every type of person, but there are a fair few 'Normal' people.
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Old 30-06-06, 12:04 AM
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LOL, art departments are always full of 'alternative' people imo (no disrespect intended). My college days were similar to Kemp's; goths, grungers were certainly the minority in comparison to the remaining 'normal' students.
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