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Old 05-09-11, 09:44 AM
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If you're on the lookout for a low voltage memory kit, perhaps Corsair have just the ticket.

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Old 05-09-11, 09:56 AM
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WOW that is low v
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Old 05-09-11, 09:57 AM
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impressive memory kit.
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Old 05-09-11, 10:00 AM
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That is a really nice looking ram with good performance to boot
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Old 05-09-11, 10:50 AM
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Very cool indeed. 1.35 v is truly awesome. If I upgrade my cooler, these are on the top of my list as I can only fit a few coolers because of the large heat spreaders on the vengeance ram I'm currently using.
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Old 05-09-11, 11:08 AM
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my blue ones came today
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Old 05-09-11, 01:11 PM
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wow not what i expected.....i figured their next kit would be the corsair devastator or maybe the corsair obliviator.... complete with 26cm carbon nano-tube heatsinks.....

i feel so cheated........

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Old 05-09-11, 03:12 PM
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I do feel the urge to get some of that memory, unfortunately I already did invest in some memory for my rig

Nice review as always!
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Old 05-09-11, 04:05 PM
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Yeah im impressed with this memory kit.

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Old 05-09-11, 05:21 PM
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Very nice :]
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