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Old 01-02-11, 04:31 PM
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After quickly reading the articles about the intel chips and there potenial problems I'm kinda stuck on my parts purchase that was going to happen this morning.

I am building a computer for the first time and was wanting something that was mid priced and is going to be easly fixed,upgraded and last for some time . Here is what I was thinking of getting .

case- NZXT Phantom

vid card- MSI geforce gtx 560 ti

power supply- XFX 850w black edition

cd/dvd LG GH24NLS50 24 sata

hard drive- 2x western digital caviar blue 1tb

ssd- Kingston ssd now v100 series 128g

cpu cooler- Noctua nh-u12p se2pse2

The rest of the build I need some help with. here is what I was going to buy

mother board- Asus p8p67 pro atx lga1155

cpu- intell core i5 2500k quad core lga 1155 sandy bridge

Ram- not to sure

So now that Intel has found issues with this chip and since I am still needing to purchase everything can you guy's recomend a motherboard cpu combo that has approx the same speed as the 2500k and a motherboard to go along with it.I know this question must have been asked tons but I am new to this stuff so please bare with me. If there is anything you guys can recomend that I may have forgoten then please comment. It will be apreciated.

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Old 01-02-11, 04:48 PM
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Those parts seem OK, my recommendations would be go for the NH D14 instead of the nh-u12p, I don't think you need a 850w PSU a 600W should be fine, for RAM, G.Skills RipjawsX maybe?

I wouldn't worry about the P67 motherboard problem too much it only effects 5% of all P67 boards and even if you have problems it will be fixed for free.

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Old 01-02-11, 04:50 PM
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Wait until april to get ur mobo or get a mobo with marvell sata controller (like the ud7) which is unaffected by the problem and change that power supply to corsair ax750w or 850w. Get a noctua nh-d14.
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