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Old 06-11-10, 07:06 PM
gaurang gaurang is offline
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Battlefield Play4Free will be a full experience FPS with players paying for customizations or special weaponry.

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Old 06-11-10, 07:25 PM
zak4994 zak4994 is offline
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If it is anything like Battlefield Heroes then I like.
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Old 06-11-10, 08:56 PM
AMDFTW AMDFTW is online now
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they should concentrate on F'in patches first
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Old 07-11-10, 12:34 AM
delusion77 delusion77 is offline
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BF2 was the best FPS ever. So this will sorta breath new life into it. Id honestly prefer if they wer to focus on BF3 and make it the best they possibly can.
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