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Old 10-07-09, 08:35 PM
diablo170 diablo170 is offline
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Need a bit of help with a dual loop =[

I currently have a gigabyte 3d aurora 570 case with a galaxy 2 cooling cpu alone. This kit alone takes up a fair amount of room. Anyway by some chance I ended up with a EK full cover gpu block and a EK northbridge block. Ppl say it is not necessary but i like a silent gpu which isnt burning a hole in my case at 70c also my northbridge is takin 1.5v to help keep the cpu overclock stable, i hav a voltage hungry q6600. So was looking to install a dual loop, I hav osted my problems on another forum but didn't receive any real help. If you are familiar with the case what I was going to have is 2 240mm rads 1 internal (slim for cpu only) and 1 external (fat for gpu + mobo) both would be run in parallel from a new typhoon iii im waiting on.

What I'm really stuck on is a cpu block and a slim rad i have been recommended a enzotech saphire and swiftech mcr220 but the enzotech is non existent in england and the swiftech costs as much as a PA120.3 not really cost effective in my opinion. Any ideas?

All help appreciated =]

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Old 10-07-09, 08:56 PM
theelusiveyoda theelusiveyoda is offline
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Welcome to the oc3d forums!,

i own a gigabyte 3d aurora (not the 570)as well as many other cases, and you can get a 360mm rad in the bottom of case if you remove the hard drive cage. Your best bet for the rad is a thermochill as they are the best performers out there as many of the users on here will agree.

As for cpu block either a D-Tek Fuzion V2 Or a Swiftech Apogee GT, if a thermochill is to big then a Stealth 240 or 360 should do the trick.

I cant see why you wouln't be able to fit a thermochill rad in the 570 as i got one in my 3d aurora, the only way a thermochill woulnt fit in the bottom is if you was using crossfire or sli.
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Old 11-07-09, 02:25 AM
sammytomjohn sammytomjohn is offline
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i have a black ice gt triple rad and can say it is a thin rad!
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Old 11-07-09, 08:13 AM
diablo170 diablo170 is offline
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Originally Posted by name='sammytomjohn'
i have a black ice gt triple rad and can say it is a thin rad!
I was looking at that thin rad but a couple of reviews have reported is has a extemly low flow rate which is not what I need. As for the CPU block any 1 know where I can get the d-tek for 40ish pounds don't mind if it is used?
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Old 18-07-09, 04:58 PM
retrogamer1990 retrogamer1990 is offline
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that is really really unneccesary to have a dual loop for nb and gpu unless you added the cpu in with the northbridge and had loop1: CPU+NB and loop 2: GPU

If you want a cheap cpu block get a danger den TDX. they are a little older now but still effective, and cheap. picked mine up for £7.50.

If you have a mid-range gpu (4850/4870) i'd use the thinner radiator for that and a PA120.2 / PA120.3 for the cpu. dont worry about your gpu getting too hot if you use a MCR220, I ran a 4870x2 on one

The black ice series is thinner than the MCR220's by swiftech although they arent as effective. if space is an issue get the black ice - just make sure you get some high cfm fans (noisy!) Also you might want to get a pump/res combo for each loop in that case it would help a lot. hope that helped!
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Old 18-07-09, 06:07 PM
ToeJam ToeJam is offline
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TDX for 7.50? where u find them bargains then!?!
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Old 18-07-09, 06:18 PM
retrogamer1990 retrogamer1990 is offline
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forums such as this
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