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Old 24-06-09, 07:53 AM
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Scyhte Kama vs Slipstream

Okay started a new thread cos the other one died.

Now I've decided to spend a bit more on fans for my Scythe Infinity/Mugen, after my Yate Loons arrived and they buzz loudly at 7v.

Scythe Kama PWM 1200rpm

Scythe Slipstream 1200rpm

Planning on using 2 on the heatsink (undervolt the Slipstreams to 7v) so I can have a quiet & cool system.

I've heard the Slipstreams may not be ideal for Heatsinks, but Scythe does ship the Mugen 2 with a PWM version of it.

Also still torn between PWM and just using undervolted 3pin fans.

Any help would be appreciated

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