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Old 27-04-09, 11:19 PM
mayhem mayhem is offline
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Been to docs today and im a bit worried.

Oky lets put it this way im not one to go to the doc and normal my leg has to be dropping off before ill go.

To cut a long story short ive been coughing up quite badly for the last few months esp once i wake up Yes i do smoke btw (so dont go on i do know what it does to you.). Any way ive been like this since before xmass and well over the last few weeks i started coughing up blood as well. Any way to top it all off i seem to be losing weight and various other bit and bobs such as i seem to be nevious as i seem to shake a little and cannot stop it.

Any way i went to the docs and he gave me a load of test's and some vials and all so have to go to hospital for a chest xray and skin samples !!! Any way he got on the phone to another doc and said some thing in medical speech about mycombacteria.. (don't know if that's spelt correctly) and google doest know what im trying to find out.

So the question is wtf is that .... All so should i tell my lass because i haven't said a word to her as i don't what to worrie her or any thing plus in all honesty its now got me a little nervous. I know it might be nothing but on the other hand like i said i hate going to the docs unless it some thing serious. Im 37 years old and i hate all this stuff and i must admit im very arrogent when it comes to things like this.

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Old 27-04-09, 11:27 PM
DeMoB DeMoB is offline
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If it turns out to be something serious, she'll only be hurt that you didn't tell her sooner.

I know you don't want to worry her, but honesty is the best policy.

I wish you all the best and I hope it's nothing serious mate.

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Old 27-04-09, 11:43 PM
mayhem mayhem is offline
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Ill wait and see . Im off to get my xray and stuff tomorrow then i have to wait a week back for the results apparently.
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Old 28-04-09, 12:13 AM
Youngie1337 Youngie1337 is offline
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Hello mate, don't worry - these things seem to only be little problems. I myself make myself panic over little things.

Coughing up blood - I'm no expert but can be normal in some cases, smoking damages your lungs, and therefore destroys tissue.

Shaking - I had the same the other night mate, couldn't stop it. Woke up sweating. Turns out all the kiddy's had it and I got it passed to me. Felt cold, shaking and scared.

The worst thing you can do is worry, I know it's impossible and you can't do it. But think the best.

Best wishes mate.
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Old 28-04-09, 07:11 AM
Direheart66 Direheart66 is offline
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Im sorry to hear you have to go through all this, the worst bit is waiting for what the Doc is going to say. Hopefully everything will be fine, oh and I do think you should tell her that you atleast had a checkup. Best of luck mate.
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Old 04-05-09, 05:47 AM
mayhem mayhem is offline
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went to hospital. they took servral x-rays of my chest area and then told me to wait out side for 10 min , 2 hours later (love there 10m min waits)they took more scans of my whole body. They allso had wee samples and skin tests ... felt like i was being tested to see if the latest make up was good enough lol ....

Ive told my lass and now just awaiting the results .... should be here with in next few days.
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Old 04-05-09, 09:05 AM
°TheMadDutchDude° °TheMadDutchDude° is offline
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All the best mate.

By that mycombateria I believe the docs meant mitocondria?
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Old 04-05-09, 09:11 AM
Luigi Luigi is offline
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All the best, lets hope it's nothing!


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Old 04-05-09, 09:14 AM
Talonaer Talonaer is offline
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clinical med student here:

Mycobacteria is a type of bacteria. THe most common form and what they are testing for is the one that causes tuberculousis. Now I wouldnt get worried, theyre test to rule it out in the first place.

Chances are you've just done some damage from smoking but they want to rule this out and alot of other thngs doing the blood tests and xrays.

Good luck mate, hope it all comes back clear. Fingers crossed for you
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Old 04-05-09, 09:19 AM
lasher lasher is offline
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Yeah hope you get sorted mate,

Im same age as yourself, smoke and have 3 kids.

I sometimes get twitches which the doc put down to stress, gave me some medication bloomin heroin addicts get when recovering.. needless to say i didnt take it!

Smoking does affect circulation that affects the extremities i.e. fingers toes feel lot colder due to blood flow.

Never heard of the skin thing. Coughing blood thats the odd one and probs what they are concerned about.

Good that you have told your lass .. i suffered in silence and it did me more harm than good. Other halves do have some uses Even if its just someone to moan at!

Keep us updated and chin up
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