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Old 16-02-08, 12:52 PM
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OC3D Review: Cellshock PC3-14400 (DDR3-1800) 2GB DDR3 Kit

"Having been impessed with serveral of Cellshock's DDR2 based kits, it's finally time to put their latest DDR3 kit through its paces."

Cellshock PC3-14400 Review

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Old 16-02-08, 01:12 PM
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Nice review, aqua-pcs have got good pricing on these.. if only they were free...


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Old 17-02-08, 03:32 PM
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I had that ram in my P5E3 Deluxe,never had any problems with it at all.
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Old 24-05-10, 06:07 PM
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Nice review. I need some help with cellshock memory. I have a couple of sticks and now 1 of them died on me.

I tried emailing the company for support but no one seems to reply? Its been over a week now and still no reply from anyone.

These sticks arent exactly cheap.

While buying the memory the said it had 5 years warranty! My sticks arent that old.

Any help ? anyone??
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Old 24-05-10, 06:14 PM
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They have gone bust dude I dont think they are able to take returns now.
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Old 24-05-10, 06:26 PM
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that Sucks! really sucks! I mean they made such awesome stuff.

but why I just dont understand?? They make us pay a premium for this and now they aren't around when things go bad? arrr!

350 Euros isn't exactly cheap!!!

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