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Old 02-09-07, 10:32 PM
bullcrew bullcrew is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 33
Bullcrews machine!

Dont have a sweet case, neon leds, plexi or mirrors. Its still not bad!

Actually I am hunting around for a case to hide the power supply. So its underway anywase.

Ok I added plexi and it has a blue light on the cooler. But I did a HLAO theme.

Antec mid tower server case 4 fans on case (custom wrap) -did myself- Still need to finish lower front.

Abit ip35-pro board

Intel core 2 duo 6850 3ghz (pushing 3.4 now)

4gbs - OCZddr pc6400 sticks ocz2p800r22gk rev2

geforce 7600gt

2 maxtor 160gb sata3 drives raid 0

1 wd 7200 250gb drive back up

coolit eliminator mtec cooling system

2- 19" widescreen monitors

antec 500w smart power (currently lookingfor another brand and 750w)

This is my first build myself sa well as my first OC, I started from knowing nothing last week to understanding all but a few small details that i am learning.

Spec at: 3.4ghz 378 bus, 1512 mhz fsb, mem is 2.1v 4;4;4;15;42 at 1;1 ratio, cpu is 1.375v and mch is 1.33v.

Did a Pi 32m 15.03.?? and a 1m Pi at 0.15.024 sec

I set the raid and did all the stuff in it so far as well as modifying the case and learning all this in 5 days. Had a person helping but realized after browsing for 2 days I knew more about the arena I wanted to dabble in then he did so I did it mself. Plus didnt cost anything for me to get help and figure it out.
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File Type: gif caseweb-side-SMALL.gif (167.9 KB, 47 views)
File Type: gif IMG_0522SMALL.gif (172.6 KB, 41 views)
File Type: gif halo-caseweb.gif (202.4 KB, 10 views)

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Old 03-09-07, 03:30 AM
jaggerwild jaggerwild is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 26
Hey Bull,

Very nice build, makes ya feel good to do it your self huh? The build part is the best then enjoying it also.

Where did you get the LOGO on the sides and top?

My first build was water cooled too,rig is in my sig. I've learned a lot sense then also, I'm now on my second build. I'm modding the case right now, painting the inside. I'm gonna post a link soon, just to tired right now:sleep: .

2 Monitor, you must be a gamer then. what games you play, I'm addicted to BF2 .

Nice to meet you bull, see you around the forum!

Xeon W3520/Water

Dominator 1600

2 WD 7200 Raid 0

Enermax Galaxy 1000Watt

ATI HD 4870 X2 crossfire-X/Water
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Old 03-09-07, 05:05 AM
JN JN is offline
OC3D Elite
Join Date: Mar 2005
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Hey Bullcrew, welcome to OC3D.

Nice rig you got there Did you design and print the wrap yourself?
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Old 03-09-07, 11:15 AM
Toxcity Toxcity is offline
OC3D Elite
Join Date: Dec 2005
Posts: 6,969
Very impressive machine mate!

I really like your Decals!

Even more impressed with you starting last we knowing nothing and this week knowing loads.

Good job mate!
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Old 03-09-07, 08:31 PM
FarFarAway FarFarAway is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 0
Nice work mate that's some nice clocking and a pretty smart rig
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Old 03-09-07, 09:25 PM
Ham Ham is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2005
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Nice looking build mate.

What cooling system is that?
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Old 03-09-07, 11:02 PM
bullcrew bullcrew is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 33
Thanks for the comments, I need to do a different wrap as I am taking a side and doing plexi to show the internals as well as wrapping some of the nsides with different designs.

I do veh. wraps signs banners and wide format printing so I kinda had the bug to do the case.

The cooler is the coolit eliminator mtec, I will attest it works incredible. I have my shop at my house now (we just sold the old shop and moved back to california) and it gets to 100 degrees out in the shop. I was 41 idle and 57 under load, in the heat so I opted for the cooler and i am sitting at 25 degrees now and 36 under PI32 and 3dmark. So thats a pretty good cooler.

Btw I got my Super Pi score in the 14's today at 1m and 32m. Sorry I do alot in Photoshop so I am excited.

I can design or take a design and prnt just about anything all the way to 1400X1400 dpi at 48" X 100 feet plus. Or 2"x2" squares.

I am undecided as to wether I should swap cpus to the q6600 or stay where I am at and see what comes out later this year in the quads hopefully a 1333fsb in a reasonable price or a 3ghz at a reasonable price.
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