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Old 23-11-06, 02:41 PM
jakeiswicked jakeiswicked is offline
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Now that's a really cool name! Everyone will be surprised if its anywhere near as good as a Kentsfield though.. and apparently it will be super expensive... will have to be very special to make people spend even more the Intel Quad Core prices..

Saving for Conroe + DX10.. gonna be awhile yet
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Old 23-11-06, 02:49 PM
phelan1777 phelan1777 is offline
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hey guys, this name has been floating around XS for a while, I would not be surprised if someone from AMD saw it there.

oh brother..............I think its cheesy either way.
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Old 28-11-06, 08:18 PM
Munga Munga is offline
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So is Intel just going to keep kicking AMD ass for a while, or will AMD come up with something that can compete? I am an AMD fan - so i am not bashing here - just want to know.
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Old 28-11-06, 09:36 PM
glocktodahead glocktodahead is offline
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lol I quite like the name

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