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Old 09-05-09, 07:40 PM
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Is there any way to use a light gun attachment / Wiimote as a light gun? You could definitely do with some Duckhunt... I mean Time crisis II.

EDIT: I would love one of these in my house, but I don't see me buying one unless I become rich as a fish. A gold fish.

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Old 09-05-09, 09:23 PM
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hahaha look up dolphin

we have 2 x wii controller and blue tooth dongle built into the CP. This allows for the Wii remote to be used with dolphin a WII emulator and all so with mame as a light gun and all so with a little configuring you can play duck hunt under the snes emulator if you set the wii remote as joysticks.

So yes it coverd.

But i allso own 2 x LCD light Gun Ver 2. wich are perfect for light gun games and HOTD 2

All so no need to be rich. I can build the frame cheap enough the rest ppl can do them selfs.
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Old 14-05-09, 04:53 PM
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Well getting back up to speed my leds arrived this morning.

hehe i knew they were small but forgot how small they were.

I have ordered 500 SMD leds and here is the pic's and yes these are for C-Macc's.

The pic is just show show you how small my Smd's really are

All so Get various other leds 5mm / 3mm to try out some idea's that ill be attempting for the control panel. If what i have in mind works Then Its going to be a rite beauty.

All so some other pics of some of the items i have now.

If any one knows about xbox modding they will know what this is. Oh and no its not going into a xbox its going into my cp for some thing really nice.

Im still awaiting more of my orders to come before i proceed.

Dont you just hate it when ppl just plant photos online and then don't tell you what they are up to lol ...
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Old 15-05-09, 03:37 AM
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Oky some quick answers to some questions i got asked.

The Xerc CME Se is a controller for Light-Emitting Diode's. It has the ability to put light to music in various forms.

It can be controlled from a Infra red controller to out put various pre set patterns direct from any music source.

It can all so can be used as a Pulse to music. It can control as many Leds as you like providing you have the power to supply them.

It run's off 3.3v to 5v and if using 12V you will need to add a resistor to bring down the voltage or you WILL blow it.

It wasn't made for a pc but can easily be adapted to work with one. I will how ever be powering it from a separate power block and running it from the music signals that run into the TV. So it will dance to any music / sound that will be played through the TV system.

If you wanted you could use it to remotely turn on and off your PC but i am not doing that. The Xerc will have a switch to turn it off and on.
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Old 15-05-09, 03:58 AM
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Where did you learn this all dude, well impressed

If you recommend a product LINK THE REVIEW

Get along or run along. Your choice
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Old 15-05-09, 04:18 AM
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I used to be very big into modding consoles from a early time. Ive always been interested in adapting and making things better or making them do thing's there not supposed to. Hence ive learnt a lot about modifying certain parts to do what i need them.

I no longer do console mods now a days as i find them pretty boring and to be honest there is plenty of other ppl that can do a better job than me.

I used to be know in some scene places for what i did but i no longer frequent them. Since ive been messing around with Arcade systems about a year ago i found a new interest that has kindled my spirit back into modding and again making this do what there not supposed to do.

I have all so modded micro cars for my son which are called xmods because he wanted a car that would be totally different to every one else. These cars about 2" in width and 4" long and i gave it Full and high beam as well as Indicators and all so under body RGB lighting and a few other mods. Infact to be honest i took it way beyond what it was meant to do. It had its normal AAA battery's removed and 2 x 7.4 Lippo battery installed which were from Mp 3 players and all so used the MP3 players as a charging station ..

here are some links to just a couple of my past exploits -

Car as above ->

(lippo charge mod)

Led mods

Xbox Mod quite a few years old this vid ->

The xbox was sold on ebay for about £400+ by the time i had finished with it and was was on the first led modded xbox's out in the wild.

Ive all so done many mods to my sons Nitro cars turning them from 25Mph cars to 45 /50 mph cars all with external lighting

Lol that's about my history hehe.

Oh forgot to add . I have no qualification's what so ever in computer engineer or electrical engineering .... I just learn as i go along.
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Old 15-05-09, 12:15 PM
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Was a sad day to lose Lik-Sang, but u do what u gotta do

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Old 15-05-09, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'
Was a sad day to lose Lik-Sang, but u do what u gotta do
lol were did that come from haha. I never used them to be honest.
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Old 15-05-09, 04:27 PM
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Been having a Good think about the way im going to be setting up my leds and chaser set up.

Any way i have been thinking after looking around every one seems to use simple 1 colour set up were as i can go a bit mental and throw in a RGB led and make it look totally different. The only problem would be it could possible look to much like Christmas has arrived early.

This would be the way i would be doing each string of RGB leds as a diagram but dont know if i should proceed this way.

There would be 10 of these strings set up ... Hmm should i stick to maybe just red or should i go mental and do a full RGB spread ?

what do you think ...
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Old 15-05-09, 04:35 PM
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wow nice, i love when modding includes elecs, just supperb!
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