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Old 07-11-07, 09:28 PM
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How much power does a 8800GT need anyway?

I just got in my 8800GT. I have an abit in9-32x-max m/b and it has a 4 pin molex connector below my last expansion port. I also have a Galaxy DX 1000w power supply. On the cable with the 6+2 pin for the 8800GT there is also a 4 pin molex that says for m/b only. Do I really have to connect the molex. I doesn't quite reach. Its getting power from the 6 pin and the PCI-E slot right? PS My m/b manual says the plug is for additional power for PCI-E devices. This is my first build so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Case: Thermaltake Armor w/ 250cm side fan

CPU: Intel QX6700

Hard Drive: 2x150GB WD Raptor X (Raid 0)

2nd Drive: 2x500GB WD Caviar (Raid 0)

RAM: 4GB OCZ Reaper

GPU: Evga 8800GT 650MHz core

PSU: Galaxy DX 1000W SLI

PS - This is my first build and first WC Loop

(I'm a noob)
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Old 07-11-07, 09:34 PM
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I believe that is for when you are using SLI, otherwise it is not needed.

OR it is for when you don't have a 24pin power plug for the motherboard.

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Old 08-11-07, 01:23 AM
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If it is what I think, then you'd be safer with it plugged in. At least DFI recommended plugging it in on my nF4 Ultra-D. It shouldn't be too hard to find a molex extension cable.
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